Twitter Safety Tips

You may think that finding Twitter Safety Tips or (in general) Safety or Home Security advice in twitter is like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, welcome to the XXI century, that is not the case, anymore.

Being safe in social networks sites like Twitter presents some challenges. Twitter Safety Tips are hard to establish and also difficult to parameterize. Unfortunally Twitter Safety is difficult to obtain as Twitter will provide lot of personal information.

The main thing to be worried about are images. Once you upload an image to Twitter, you're done, that image will be walking around the net until the end of ages, that is why you have to cautions when publishing images in Twitter and any other social site for the matter.

Here are the top ten Twitter Safety advices you should follow:

  • Never, ever give away personal information. Mainly avoide sharing your real phisical address, phone number, day job, etc.
  • Be pranoid! Think of every tweet as if yours matter most will read it.
  • Twitter feeds should remain private and only be visible for those who you trust.
  • Golden rule: Never answer to users who you dont know.
  • Of course, never give away your twitter password.
  • Again, be paranoid, you dont know who's in the other side of the line, so: only follow people who you know offline.
  • Your profile information should be brief and concise, this means: not too much details.
  • Never meet with anybody offline that you knew from Twitter.
  • Be suspicious about sending photographs and other personals to someone you dont know offline.
  • ...and the more important: Use your Common Sense. Twitter Safety depends mainly in how you look to yourself in the eyes of a stranger, so act accordingly!

This article dont want you to turn a closed person online, we always want to be open with others as much as possible, that possible being the limit between personal privacy and public access content. Use your common sense!

Hernan Moreno
Consultant on the field of home security.



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